• Laurence Ponchaut

Interim Management:a strategic enabler for companies undergoing a transformation 

The second semester of 2020 will be most probably a period of restructuring amongst many companies in Luxembourg.

The successful turnaround of these companies will largely depend on the speed with which they will be able to recover from the depth of the crisis, to reinvent themselves and adapt to the changed circumstances.

At EXIM, we have a talented pool of experienced Interim Managers - senior executives with deep domain expertise and broad business experience spanning multiple companies. They have all successfully managed transformation initiatives and are therefore well armed to help you with your transformations and lead them to success.

Indeed, the current situation constitutes in many ways a burning platform and there is an urgent need to act with flexibility, speed and efficiency. Thanks to their experience supported by EXIM’s proven methodology, our Interim Managers hit the ground running. They bring immediate value working to fixed and often incredibly short deadlines. They deliver from Day 1 as speed is of the essence for a successful turnaround.