• Laurence Ponchaut

EXIM in the press

Luxembourg Launches First Interim Management Specialist EXIM Published on Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019

EXIM, the first specialist firm in Interim Management in Luxembourg, has opened its doors.

The creation of EXIM, a firm entirely dedicated to Interim Management, responds to the growth of the Interim Management in major economic capitals worldwide. It is in this context that EXIM combines expertise in this growing sector and know-how of its transition managers.

As the world of work changes, companies are looking for new modes of collaboration that are more flexible. Consequently, missions and collaborations in project mode are developing to meet the need for flexibility and responsiveness of companies, in addition to the desire of a new generation of managers to build a varied and rewarding career path.

Commenting on the firm's origins, Laurence Ponchaut, a founding partner of EXIM, has commented: "The concept of Interim Management was born in the Netherlands in the 1970s and quickly exported overseas and into the rest of continental Europe to meet the challenges of transformation, strategic restructuring and crisis that require a the provision of experienced managers for fixed-term assignments." She added that EXIM aimed to fill a gap in the Luxembourg market.

In general, Interim Management aims to offer businesses the skills they need for a defined mission and a set time. It attempts to respond to any challenge of growth, transformation or management, or as a quick solution to an emergency or exceptional situation. Finally, Interim Managers do not limit themselves to formulating recommendations, but also implement action plans by integrating into the company for specific roles. They are judged on their ability to quickly deliver concrete results.