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Luxembourg and Greater Region

What we do

EXIM ensures the provision of interim managers to help you improve your performance, achieve your business goals and transition imperatives. 


A tailor-made solution to your challenges

Whatever your challenge – growth, transformation, project management or filling a vacant position – we have the experienced executive with a track record of performance and the skill set you are looking for.

Our interim managers are senior executives with deep specific expertise and a large business experience spaning multiple companies and multiple transformation initiatives. Combined with a history of results and a proactive attitude, this allows them to rapidly grasp key business matters and deliver a lasting impact.


While our assignments typically range from 3 to 9 months, some projects implying fundamental restructuring could be over 12 months.


How we work

Providing a Number 1 Service
Added Value

Our large business experience allows us to understand the intricacies of each specific assignment 

and find the right interim manager for you, while our large pool of quality interim managers allows us to address your need on a short notice.

Our Process









Interim Managers

Typically overqualified for the role, interim managers are committed to deploy their knowledge, talent and experience to rapidly resolve a variety of business issues. They are at the same time strategists and hands-on implementers. 

Skills & Experience

Interim managers are experienced executives with specialist skills, a broad management experience and a track record of achievement. They also have outstanding interpersonal skills and project management experience.


Interim managers hit the ground running. They are recruited with a clear set of deliverables and a fixed, often incredibly short time scale in which to deliver. They know how to quickly fit in and get things moving. They deliver from Day 1 as often, there is a burning platform (the absolute and urgent need to move) and the value of this delivery speed can be enormous.

Fresh Perspective

The interim manager will not only lend fresh eyes to old challenges but he will also apply the insight and wisdom gleaned from working with other companies to your situation.  

Results driven

Hired on the understanding that objectives will be achieved rapidly, interim managers are able to quickly grasp situations and are focused on delivering results with a lasting impact.


About us

Laurence Ponchaut and Joseph Sadis strongly believe that executive interim managers can help companies manage their transformations and will increasingly do so. Consistent with those beliefs and her entrepreneurial mindset, Laurence partnered with Joseph to found EXIM and provide the highest quality of executive interim management service in Luxembourg and its wider region in Belgium, France and Germany.

Laurence Ponchaut

Laurence started her career as an economic expert for the European Commission in Africa before gaining her MBA and working as a Research Associate for INSEAD.


She arrived in Luxembourg 20 years ago as a Big 4 consultant for Deloitte and PWC. After working  in the Strategy department of Clearstream, Laurence joined ArcelorMittal as Head of Corporate Reputation. In 2009, she founded Distinct Communication, a strategy and reputation management consultancy specialized in finance and industry.

Laurence Ponchaut graduated as a commercial engineer from Solvay Brussels School and HEC Montréal, and holds an MBA from INSEAD. 

Joseph Sadis

Joseph Sadis has 20 years experience in interim management. He was a Partner at EIM and a Senior Partner at EY leading their interim management activities, before founding Sadis & Co.

Prior to that period, Joseph was an international top executive in leading global companies. Joseph is and has been in the board of several multinational of Belgian companies and of several other organisations. He teaches at Solvay Brussels School and was previously the Academic Director of the MBA Program.

Joseph Sadis graduated as an engineer in Brussels University (ULB) and holds an MBA from Wharton.


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